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IBDMoms is a resource and tool created by moms with ​inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) for moms affected by ​inflammatory bowel disease as patients or caregivers.

IBDMoms was started in 2018 by IBD advocates, Brooke Abbott ​& Amber Tresca. What began as a hashtag has grown into a ​501(c)3 non-profit that provides education, resources, and ​donations and hosts social events to ensure that the IBDMoms ​community has what they need to live their best lives despite ​IBD.

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The IBDMoms Facebook Group is a safe space for ​moms who are patients or caregivers to connect ​with other moms to ask questions, share ​encouragement or get exclusive news from ​IBDMoms. The group is closed for privacy and ​moderated by the IBDMoms team.

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Carrier LOAN prOgram

We are proud to partner with our sponsor, ​Ergobaby, to provide baby carriers for our ​moms who want baby-wearing education, a ​carrier to try on, or a carrier donation. Each ​carrier request comes with a one-on-one ​babywearing basic and fit check with a ​baby-wearing educator, as well as a variety ​of carriers by Ergobaby to try on.

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IBDMoms in D.C.

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The IBDMoms advocacy initiatives include legislative ​advocacy and activism. We teach advocates, patients and ​care partners how to advocate successfully with their local, ​state and national legislators through workshops and ​webinars. In addition to this, IBDMoms joins other advocacy ​groups in Washington D.C. throughout the year to advocate ​to Congress about policies related to maternal health, ​health equity, GI related health policies and research ​budgets.

While on the Hill, we often share stories with legislators that ​patients and care partners share with us. These stories are ​vital to moving legislation through Congress effectively. If ​you would like to share your story with Congress the next ​time, we are on The Hill, please share your story with us.


IBDMoms Advocacy

IBDMOMS Legislative Agenda

IBDMoms supports all federal policies that ensure ALL Americans have access to ​healthcare to provide a better quality of life regardless of race, sexual orientation, ​gender identity, religion, and socioeconomic circumstances. These topics include​ Step Therapy Reform, Women's Health, Drug Pricing, Health Equity,​ Telehealth Access, Healthcare Coverage, Medical Research & Development,​ Drug Development, Disability Rights & Access, and Maternal Health Equity. ​Our advocacy is non-partisan, and we support legislation proposed on both sides ​of the aisle that benefit patients and care partners in a realistic, common-sense ​way.

Bills We SuppOrt

*The pro-life act of 2022 is not associate with any form of ​abortion healthcare, pro-life or pro choice ideologies and is a bi-​partisian healthcare bill*

MOst Anticipated IBDMom ​Event Of The Year

A day of collaboration and mentorship on health, wellness and happiness while navigating motherhood and life with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The IBDMoms Summit is the only conference of its kind, taking resources and brands associated with motherhood and combining them with IBD education panels. The Summit is a space where mothers affected by IBD can learn how to care for an ostomy post-surgery and how to wear a baby carrier with an ostomy.

Date: December 2023

Location: ONLINE

Click HERE to view the 2022 IBDMoms Summit


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