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IBDMoms is a resource and tool created by moms with ​inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) for moms affected by ​inflammatory bowel disease as patients or caregivers.

IBDMoms was started in 2018 by IBD advocates, Brooke Abbott ​& Amber Tresca. What began as a hashtag has grown into a ​501(c)3 non-profit that provides education, resources, and ​donations and hosts social events to ensure that the IBDMoms ​community has what they need to live their best lives despite ​IBD.

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The IBDMoms Facebook Group is a safe space for ​moms who are patients or caregivers to connect ​with other moms to ask questions, share ​encouragement or get exclusive news from ​IBDMoms. The group is closed for privacy and ​moderated by the IBDMoms team.

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Carrier LOAN prOgram

We are proud to partner with our sponsor, ​Ergobaby, to provide baby carriers for our ​moms who want baby-wearing education, a ​carrier to try on, or a carrier donation. Each ​carrier request comes with a one-on-one ​babywearing basic and fit check with a ​baby-wearing educator, as well as a variety ​of carriers by Ergobaby to try on.

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IBDMoms in D.C.

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The IBDMoms advocacy initiatives include legislative ​advocacy and activism. We teach advocates, patients and ​care partners how to advocate successfully with their local, ​state and national legislators through workshops and ​webinars. In addition to this, IBDMoms joins other advocacy ​groups in Washington D.C. throughout the year to advocate ​to Congress about policies related to maternal health, ​health equity, GI related health policies and research ​budgets.

While on the Hill, we often share stories with legislators that ​patients and care partners share with us. These stories are ​vital to moving legislation through Congress effectively. If ​you would like to share your story with Congress the next ​time, we are on The Hill, please share your story with us.


IBDMoms Advocacy

IBDMOMS Legislative Agenda

IBDMoms supports all federal policies that ensure ALL Americans have access to ​healthcare to provide a better quality of life regardless of race, sexual orientation, ​gender identity, religion, and socioeconomic circumstances. These topics include​ Step Therapy Reform, Women's Health, Drug Pricing, Health Equity,​ Telehealth Access, Healthcare Coverage, Medical Research & Development,​ Drug Development, Disability Rights & Access, and Maternal Health Equity. ​Our advocacy is non-partisan, and we support legislation proposed on both sides ​of the aisle that benefit patients and care partners in a realistic, common-sense ​way.

Bills We SuppOrt

*The pro-life act of 2022 is not associate with any form of ​abortion healthcare, pro-life or pro choice ideologies and is a bi-​partisian healthcare bill*

MOst Anticipated IBDMom ​Event Of The Year

A day of collaboration and mentorship on health, wellness ​and happiness while navigating motherhood and life with ​Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.

The IBDMoms Summit is the only conference of its kind, ​taking resources and brands associated with motherhood ​and combining them with IBD education panels. The ​Summit is a space where mothers affected by IBD can ​learn how to care for an ostomy post-surgery and how to ​wear a baby carrier with an ostomy.

The 2023 IBDMoms Summit will host a Mom's Gut Out ​Retreat Pre-Summit Event, in addition to our annual ​summit.

Date: August 2023

Location: TBA: Los Angeles, Ca

Click HERE to view the 2022 IBDMoms Summit


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