Dear SCOTUS: A Moment, a Movement, & a Mission

On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, the Supreme Court of the United States will listen to the opening argument of the Texas v. California case whose decision will ultimately determine the fate of healthcare in this country. Specifically, determining whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, will remain the law of the land in regard to healthcare coverage and quality of care. 

That’s correct, we as a nation are here again arguing over whether Americans deserve access to proper healthcare. And, in the middle of a pandemic, no less. For many of us it feels like another round of bad songs playing over and over on the record player. 

If you ask, and we have, most patients, including ourselves, do not believe the ACA is perfect. If we did, so many of us wouldn’t spend our time lobbying Congress to fix it or create pieces of legislation that will help create a better law. 

However, striking down the law without a plan to replace it will leave approximately 23 million Americans without healthcare. 

Currently, there is no timeline offered or protections in place for supplemental care between striking down the law and replacing it with a new healthcare law. It is unknown how long people will be without coverage or if they will ever be able to be covered again, or if lifetime caps will come back as well. 

The days of emergency room healthcare and rationing pills is a memory many of us cannot forget and are hard pressed to never relive. 


But what can we do?


The one tool we have always had and will have is our voice. With the power of the social media platforms, we can magnify that voice and raise our stories up to the halls of justice. 

This week, we are partnering with health advocates and patients across the nation and raising our voices in unison to save our healthcare. Download pre-made images to share on your social media platforms or share a personal story with our blank images to your social media platforms. Share and use the hashtags, #SaveOurHealthcare and #DearScotus. 

Lastly, IBDMoms will share your stories and images with members of Congress to remind them that no matter the outcome their constituents need healthcare and it is their duty to help save it.


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