IBDMoms Holiday Gift Guide

Moms are busy people, especially during the holiday season. It’s no different this year, only many of us are choosing to do more of our holiday shopping online. The IBDMoms are here to help with this gift guide! Here you’ll find gift ideas for the kids, for partners, and for ourselves, from small businesses owned by moms.

Gift Cards/ Basket Items:

  1. Rocker Mama: https://rockermama.com
    Have you ever been out with baby and wished you had a rocker? Founder Milena describes the goal of Rocker Mama  to “create a portable, personal rocker to turn virtually any seating scenario into a rocker – wherever and whenever it’s needed most.” These adjustable, portable, storable rockers are a boon to moms everywhere.
    (Brooke’s Note: I love the Rocker Mama! It’s perfect for everything. I have traveled with it and used it in the hospital. I remember post c-section and colectomy having to use my weakened stomach muscles and sore back to lift myself off of the chair or couch, or rocking a tired infant and toddler until my back was stiff. This really changed the game for me. It’s really helped with the pain from my ankylosing spondylitis.)
  2. I Am Denim: https://www.iamdenim.co.uk
    Jeans are a tough sell for IBDMoms. Enter I Am Denim, which creates jeans that are specially designed to fit comfortably, no matter your size, shape, scars or surgery. Studio
    (Brooke’s note: I remember trying to find comfortable jeans those first few months after having a colectomy, with no luck. I wish I Am Denim was around then.)
  3. Studio Tekhni: https://studiotekhni.com
    IBDMoms can celebrate their baby and make their lives easier by wearing baby close to their body in a sling. Studio Tekhni has a sling for every parent, as well as trendsetting accessories and everyday essentials.
    (Brooke’s note: I know that wraps feel intimidating and a lot of work. I was completely intimidated by the wrap. But the ring sling helped ease my fears. I love that I could switch sides depending on my pain level. And it helped keep my toddler up high over my surgical place. It was also lovely when I figured out the back sling. Back carrying is a toddler mommy’s dream! All of Studio Tekhni’s slings are great. But I’m partial to the breathable, lightweight Willow Sling .I tend to gain weight and have hot flashes when I have to go on certain meds for a short period of time. These ring slings are adjustable to my weight and easy on my temperature.)
  4. Tekhni Wovens: http://www.tekhniwovens.com
    Founded by an IBDMom, Tekhni Wovens is the “culmination of art, design and babywearing.” Beautiful baby wraps as well as bags and accessories are made with care from the finest textiles.
    (Amber’s note: I have bags and hipslings and more from Tekhni in fabulous patterns and I love their versatility and how easy they are to keep clean!)
  5. Beautiful Me Children’s Book: https://beautifulme-735941.square.site/
    Beautiful Me is a “collection of playful poems using positive skin tone association with food.” The book is the creation of a mom who celebrates diversity and supports the building of self-esteem for all children.
    (Brooke’s note:I love books written by IBDMommies. It reminds my little one that mamas with IBD are just like other mamas.)
  6. Mommee Coffee: https://mommeecoffee.com
    Moms love coffee but coffee doesn’t always love moms. Enter Mommee Coffee, which provides blends for moms at all stages of their parenting journey.
    (Brooke’s note: Mommee Coffee at all strengths is a staple in my house and in my desk drawer at work. This is the only low acid coffee I’ve ever had that not only tastes amazing, but doesn’t have an after-taste. Sometimes I feel like this coffee was made just for my IBDMoms journey.)
  7. Beviva Foods: https://www.bevivafoods.com
    Created by an IBDMom, Beviva uses the power of purple sweet potatoes to create foods that are nourishing and also support a healthy lifestyle. Their cereal cups, granola pouches, and sweet potato chips make satisfying snacks for the whole family.
    (Amber’s note: There are always some Sweet Potato Chips on my desk during the day and a PURPO All-in-One Cereal Cup in my bag for snacking on the go!)
    (Brooke’s note: I love the small granola packs. Perfect treatment snacking, or carpool or something to keep in your desk drawer.)
  8. Twelve Little: https://twelvelittle.com
    Created by a mom of 3, Twelve Little creates stylish diaper bags that are not only functional but also attractive (in other words: they don’t look like diaper bags!).
    (Amber’s note: My Twelve Little backpack is one of my favorites, for its rich color, as well as how lightweight and stylish it is.)
    (Brooke’s note: I love my Twelve little backpack and the stroller caddy. I am also a fan of their Peek A Boo crossbody, By My Side Crossbody and the Peek A Boo Backpack. Their items are easy to clean and the Companion backpacks have a side pocket that can be used to insert medical foods. I also love their kid back packs and pouches.)
  9. Vanilla Blush: https://www.vblush.com
    This lingerie for people who live with a stoma was created by an ulcerative colitis patient in the UK. Vanilla Blush creates female lingerie, male underwear, hernia supportwear, swimwear and sportswear.
  10. IBDMoms Mug: https://www.zazzle.com/s/ibdmoms
    The IBDMoms have their own store! Be part of the IBDMoms squad with mugs, t-shirts, buttons, and tote bags!
    (Amber’s note: I love my IBDMoms coffee mug: it helps me feel closer to my community!)
    (Brooke’s note: I represent my IBDMoms Squad with my phone case and mask!)

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