IBDMoms Summit 2022


For the past few years, we have been growing IBDMoms into a functional resource that has included elements of education and socializing. As moms ourselves, we have always felt that the most important thing we could have as women on this journey is a community of other people identifying as mothers who understood the day to day aspects of balancing chronic illness with everyday life. IBDMoms was created in part to help normalize living with inflammatory bowel disease, while also ensuring that mothers affected by IBD had the same resources and opportunities as mothers who were not patients or caregivers.

The Summit

We have had a plan on how to provide those resources and how to normalize motherhood within the inflammatory bowel disease space. One of those ways was to have a summit. A mommy convention that provides education and wellness of living with IBD combined with the education and wellness of mommyhood. Well, y’all, the time has come for such a summit! Please save the date and place on your calendar for the Inaugural IBDMoms Summit ! The summit will be live from Los Angeles in November 2022. There are options for both in person and virtual attendance. We will have panel discussions on IBD, babygear, surgery, and caregiving. As well as introductions to baby brands, discount codes and giveaways. It’s also an opportunity to meet other IBDMoms! Click on the link to find out more about this exciting event. We look forward to see you!


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