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Understanding how to manage medications during pregnancy can be challenging. In fact, experiences with medication is one of the most common questions that’s seen in the IBDMoms group. With a chronic illness like IBD, there may be decisions to make about which medications to continue in pregnancy. That’s why it’s important for IBDMoms to have resources to help in making decisions along with their health care team.

Not every person with IBD who gets pregnant will be considered high-risk. However, for those who are in need of specialized care, find a maternal-fetal specialist at the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Resources on IBD Medications and Pregnancy


MotherToBaby provides information about the use of medications, vaccines, chemicals, herbal products, substances of abuse, and maternal health conditions during pregnancy or breastfeeding. They have many resources available on medications that are commonly used to treat IBD.

More Resources on IBD Medication in Pregnancy

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